I’m starting over again…
It feels eerily similar to January 2007 (this was the only pic I could find during this time since FB wasn’t around! ) when I discovered the world of blogging.
I started following some bloggers and immediately felt LESS THAN. 😔
The learning curve appeared steep. 😫
I bought who knows how many courses on blogging and SEO. And bit by bit I figured it out.
15 years later, Insta-World is staring me in the face. 😳 I’ve successfully dodged it for yearrrrs.
Posting only a few times a year.
I’m a newbie. I’m clueless. And to be really raw, it intimidates me.
But I am Unstoppable. I will feel the fear….and do it anyway. I committed to it- and to put even more fuel to the 🔥 I’m
declaring it here.
I will not allow the seeds of comparison to take root.
This is a platform. A way for me to touch more lives. So I will master it.
I will do it my way. On my terms.
In true Natasha-Form I’ll say what Is on my heart and make no excuses.
It is time to walk boldly into the unknown… as I use this platform to HEAL…myself and others.
Feel free to Join me at @NatashaHazlett if you want to come along for the ride…. 💋