This is my White Space Week. No meetings. No clients. No trainings. No “tasks”.

Well…except for an emergency dental appointment to fix my crown that popped off during my lunch date with my hubby! 🦷 🤦‍♀️

Today my only job was to cast a vision for 2022 in all areas of my life.

I do that in 3 steps:

1. Review my past “claim forms” and mark off those big dreams that have morphed into reality.

2. Follow a process I learned from @DanielleLaPorte with the Desire Map. Instead of worrying about things I desire…. I focus on HOW I want to feel in 2022. Next, I fill in the things that I believe could help me feel that way. Some are big dreams and some are fairly simple.

3. Finally I make a list of 100 things I want to BE, DO, HAVE in 2022. That’s my Claim Form.

Ok so that’s the process….i’ve used it for years.

But this year’s experience was different for me.

FIRST, I was once again in absolute AWE of the power of the written and spoken word. How I (with the help of my Creator) brought some of my biggest dreams to life.

I vividly remember writing down certain things with ZERO knowledge of how it could possibly materialize. Like my bank account and circumstances said “no way can this happen” and yet…it did. In His timing.

👑 (Follow me and I’ll teach you more about this in 2022!) 👑

But then there was a list of things I wanted…. things that showed up year after year…

Business goals. Follower Goals. Connections I was hoping to make.

My soul just started yelling out, “WRONG! WRONG! It’s all WRONG!!!”

(Not wrong as in bad….wrong as in no longer in alignment)

You see-today I didn’t want those things anymore. They suddenly were just material things or superficial connections that didn’t matter at ALL! 🤯

They were all desires to prove something to others… that I was successful. That I was competent.

If they had come to fruition they would’ve just been extra feathers in my cap.

I realized that I’ve moved to a new chapter in my story… one where I have nothing to prove to anyone.

Heck, I realized today that I don’t even have a laundry list of material “wants” anymore…

This was a stark realization, y’all.

Slap you in the face kinda moment. 👋

What’s it all for?

What am I “going for” now…If it’s not being measured in followers, dollars, awards, recognition or “stuff”?

Come back here and I’ll share more…