“Someday I’ll ____________

Is that a phrase you’ve said to yourself at least a million times throughout your life?

I know I used to say it to myself many a time.

“Someday I’ll get control of my weight.”

“Someday I’ll leave law to work on my business full time.”

“Someday I’ll take a hot minute to decompress.”

But you know what happened each time I promised myself to “someday” do all those things?

“Someday” never came.

Someday is a word we use to kick the can full of our hopes, our dreams, and and our purpose on down the road, again and again…

And the next thing we know, we realize this glorious life we have to live is winding down, and we switch from “someday I’ll _____” to “if only I’d _______.”

If you find yourself whipping out the “somedays” every time you think of all the things you want to do, watch my video below for your wakeup call.

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