You know what I realized a long time ago?

How much I dislike staging and taking those “picture-perfect” pictures.

Arranging my latte, my laptop, my pen…

Taking photos from several different angles to get the “perfect” shot…

Fiddling with pictures OF the moment instead of living IN the moment…

Every time I do it, it just feels WEIRD.

And up until recently, I felt guilty for not liking it, for rarely doing it, and for not making it a priority.

After all, everywhere I turned, it’s exactly what other owners of seven-figure brands were doing…

Showing these perfectly arranged, cropped, and filtered snapshots of their lives, meant to convey how professional they are, and inspire people like me that “Yes, you can have this, too!”

But back when I got started in business, I DIDN’T feel inspired by photos like those.

The opposite–I felt inadequate, as if I had no business being an entrepreneur with a message to share.

Inner turmoil over whether to fiddle with what I call Insta-worthy photos has plagued me for years…but just recently, I finally came to terms with it, and released it.

Watch my video below to learn why I did it, and how I did it.

I guarantee there’s something in this video that’ll resonate–in your life as well as your business.

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