There’s a Les Brown quote at the beginning of my book, Unstoppable Influence: Be You. Be Fearless. Transform Lives.

To paraphrase: Imagine you’re lying on your deathbed, and the ghosts of all the amazing things you never said or did are standing around you with angry eyes, saying, “Only you could have given us life, but now we must die with you forever.”

So if you died today, what talents, dreams, and abilities would die with you?

You have something powerful within you. I know it. And it doesn’t take as much as you think to impact the entire world with it…because of the ripple effect.

Impacting just three people, or five people, can change millions of lives.

For example, I found my nutrition coach through a friend named Michelle. I haven’t spoken to, or even seen Michelle, since she directed me to this coach.

But because she did, not only did I have a starting place when I was ready to heal my body, mind, and spirit (because all three needed healing), I was able to business coach my nutrition coach, who’s already impacting tens of thousands of lives (if not more), and will impact millions in the very near future.

All from that one ripple that, for me, started with Michelle.

Your actions, your abilities, your talents, your dreams, your words….they ALL have this same power.

Will it die when you die?

Or will you use it before it’s too late?

If you’re ready to use it, but feeling scared…if you’re feeling like it’s “not worth sharing”…if you are sharing it, but your motivation’s hit a rough patch…then watch my video below for a message you may need to hear today.

Did you know that you’re here on purpose and for a purpose, and it’s an important one? You were born with a light that’s meant to shine in this world, and reach people only YOU can reach. But sometimes our lights get dimmed by life, and even when we want to shine them, we’re scared and don’t know where to even start. If that’s you, click here to check out the next Unstoppable Influence Challenge, where you can learn how to Be You, Be Fearless, and Transform Lives.