I have a confession, and here it is…

I have absolutely NO desire to take picture perfect, Instagram worthy shots of me or my life or my business. None.

Every single time I SEE an Insta-worthy picture from someone in my industry, I have a twinge of self-doubt and anxiety creep in.

“Maybe I SHOULD be doing pictures like that…isn’t that what people want?”

“Will my brand look ‘Less Than’ if I DON’T have that perfectly filtered, cropped and positioned picture of my latte, laptop, notebook, with 5 colored pens perfectly arranged in a ‘messy’ way?”

I’ll admit I’ve forced myself to try to do a few of those types of pictures… and it made me want to ?…

(Yes, this is a brutally honest post #sorrynotsorry)

But the reality is, trying to set up this “Insta/Facebook worthy” picture took valuable time away from the Moment I was in.

I literally LEFT perfect moments in nature, with kids, with God… trying to showcase my life to the world in a way that I felt I HAD to, in order to be respected/admired.

And for what???

For me personally, the messages on my heart to share with you, don’t require me to fake pose, or show you my beautiful latte or whatever.

So I’m done feeling guilty for not doing those things. Done.

I don’t care if my video backdrop isn’t perfect…

I don’t care if one of my 3 kids or the lawn guy (or a huge bug) photo bombs one of my Facebook lives…

Here and now I’m making a commitment to myself to savor life’s moments.

And if I happen to get a real-world pic to remind myself of the moment, maybe I’ll share it with you.

And maybe I won’t.

But I will no longer feel anxious or guilty for my decision either way.

If you can only be inspired and motivated by someone who posts “insta-worthy” pictures of themselves and their life then I’m not your gal…

It’s just not authentic to me…and this morning I came to terms with that fact. And it feels GOOD!

Moral of the story— if you have a message to share with the world… do it your way!

Some will follow you, and some won’t.

But if just one person follows you and you change their life…is it worth it?

For me the answer is yes!

So I’m going to #ShineOn in my own way…and I hope you will, too!

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