Not long ago my little daughter was working on something, and it wasn’t coming together.

So she told me, “Mommy, I can’t! I can’t do this. Will you help me?”

It really got me thinking: How often do all of us say the words “I can’t?”

Not only that, how much of it comes from growing up hearing those words from people around us; or hearing others tell us that we can’t.

Words are powerful–I call them thoughts on steroids–which is why I’ve become very mindful of the words I use around my kids.

I’m also steering the words they use, so as they grow up, they feel empowered and limitless.

After my daughter told me “Mommy, I can’t!” I taught her to say something else the next time something wasn’t coming together for her.

And not five minutes later, another incident arose that she was having trouble figuring out!

Watch my video below to hear what happened this time, and what I think it means for everyone’s kids.

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