In March of 2016, I was in a very dark place.

I felt miserable, worthless, and burnt out. I was ready to flush years of work on my business down the toilet, and go back to practicing law full time.

An event–a summit, of sorts–was coming up, and I’d already bought my tickets and made travel arrangements.

And though I really, really didn’t feel like going, I somehow dragged myself to the airport and made the trip, praying something at this event would help me save me from myself.

After two days, I’d learned a lot, but still hadn’t experienced the breakthrough I was desperately waiting for.

Then, on the third day, it happened. I had one epiphany.

That one epiphany led to one decision.

And that one decision led to the next one decision, and the next, and the next…until, little by little, I fully stepped into and became the woman God wanted me to be.

If I hadn’t gone to that summit, who knows where I’d be!

Ever since then, I’ve been a big believer in the power of summits–so much so I began hosting my own Unstoppable Influence Summits, where anyone who attends experience sone life-transforming shift, the way I did in March of 2019.

The 2019 UI Summit takes place in Nashville, TN, in October, and it’s going to be EPIC.

Watch my video below to learn all about it.

And if you want to come, get your tickets while you can at!

Did you know that you’re here on purpose and for a purpose, and it’s an important one? You were born with a light that’s meant to shine in this world, and reach people only YOU can reach. But sometimes our lights get dimmed by life, and even when we want to shine them, we’re scared and don’t know where to even start. If that’s you, click here to check out the next Unstoppable Influence Challenge, where you can learn how to Be You, Be Fearless, and Transform Lives.