Do you think “Inspiration” and the ideas placed on your heart are yours to keep?

Think again, sister!

Can’t I get real for a hot minute?

‘Cause there’s something I think you need to know…

We are Divinely GIFTED our biggest ideas, goals, hopes and desires. They are not random.

So it’s our duty to do whatever it takes to put our inspiration into action.

The wheel…

The car…

The airplane…

The Internet…


All ideas. Until someone, somewhere had the courage to breathe life into them.

Sitting around, standing by preparing to get ready never changed a life or made a difference.

Write that book…

Launch that course…

Speak on that stage…

Make that next call…

The time is NOW to get up and move. Step out of the Comfort Zone and into the Sweat Spot.

Yea…not the “sweet” spot. The “sweat spot.”

Where you’re on the Edge of what feels comfortable…where you start sweating and your stomach starts to flip flop.

Because THAT’s where the magic happens. That’s where the miracles lie.

In the Sweat Spot.

And don’t worry…if you were gifted the inspiration the Universe will GLADLY deliver the people and resources you need.

You don’t need to know the “How” or the “When.”

Your job? Say “YES!”

Then step out in Faith and Move. Your. Feet.

That’s what I did in June of 2017 when I had a feeling it was time to write my first book.

I was terrified. I didn’t feel qualified. I felt underprepared.

But I said YES and stepped out in faith.

Want to know what happened?

I was gifted the inspiration I needed and 22 days later (yes days) I had written my entire book—Unstoppable Influence: Be You. Be Fearless Transform Lives.

I could’ve said “no” like I had over the past 13 years. I could’ve died with the book still in me.

Or I could have said yes. And over 7,500 copies were sold the first year alone.

7,500 lives that never would have been touched had I not stepped out on the Edge and into the Sweat Spot.

What have you been gifted that you haven’t yet shared with the world?

The time is Now.

(It’s not a coincidence you are reading this right now. Consider this a divine swift kick in the pants…)

And if you’d like some help stepping out of that comfort zone, I happen to have a High Vibe tribe of women who will have your back for 21-Days and beyond…If you’re ready to step up and step out in faith to become the fearless Influencer you were born to be.

We’ve got the people and tools you need…

So if you’re ready to go…we’re ready for you.

Our exciting 21-day journey starts soon!

Here’s everything you need to know: