You won’t catch me saying this often, but here it is: My husband was right and I was wrong…at least, about this one thing.

For the longest time I thought it was total foo-foo nonsense, while my husband and business partner, Rich, had been a fan of it for years.

I even used to tease him about it!

But then I came crashing down to my rock bottom. And that’s when my eyes were opened to the power of this tool. Now you might say I’m a superfan!

Check out my video below to learn what this powerful tool is, and why it’s SO important you start investing in it, too…especially if you feel stuck, feel scared, feel helpless, or feel like giving up.

Did you know that you’re here on purpose and for a purpose, and it’s an important one? You were born with a light that’s meant to shine in this world, and reach people only YOU can reach. But sometimes our lights get dimmed by life, and even when we want to shine them, we’re scared and don’t know where to even start. If that’s you, click here to check out the next Unstoppable Influence Challenge, where you can learn how to Be You, Be Fearless, and Transform Lives.