Lately, I’ve been hearing from business owners that they aren’t sure of the “why” in their business anymore.

Often, those same business owners started their business with money signs in mind.

Guess what? Being in business is not just about the money, it’s about changing lives.

I’m here today to remind you that you are meant for greatness, and it’s time to step up your game.

Here’s why: there are people relying on you to show up.

Trust me, you would not have been given the gift of helping people, if there weren’t people out there in need of what you are offering.

Today, choose to be the very best version of yourself, so other people can be, too.

You’ve heard of the Ripple Effect – continuing and spreading results of an event or action – every time you level up, that ripple spreads and you impact more lives.

Imagine a business world where the most important “why” is transforming lives and being of service to others.

That ripple effect would have a quantum impact on our world.

So get out there! Show up because there are people waiting for you to get in the game.