You’ve heard the magic words more and more lately… you know, that elusive space we’re all trying to reach:


That perfect spot of having “it” all together: health, wealth, relationships, work, spiritual life.

Guess what?

The concept of work-life balance is BS because it holds up a standard of excellence that is unrealistic!

Ugh! Seriously, who comes up with these buzzwords/ mantras? Work Life Balance just sets us up for feeling full of terrible guilt.

Listen, I’m not saying you can’t have it all… I’m just saying expecting to have time for doing it all perfectly is a total fallacy!

Take this as your pass to let go of your guilt for not measuring up to this unrealistic standard. This is your pass for falling short. And this is your pass for not doing enough.

You are awesome! And you are doing enough, you are enough.

Escape the Work Life Balance buzz and just be YOU in all your unbalanced grandeur.

How do you feel now?