You’ve noticed a huge influx of political posts on your Facebook feed over the past few months; I’m curious: How do they make you feel?

Oh my gosh, friends, Facebook for me has become a junk yard. So many great, wonderful, and smart people posting garbage that does not belong on Facebook!

I’m not afraid to be honest with you: Y’all are RUINING Facebook with your political posts.

It’s time to stop! For real.

Facebook isn’t for politics — or at least, it shouldn’t be. Politics on your personal page can potentially do more harm than good.

And if you’re marketing your business on Facebook, you NEVER want to head down this road.

You can lose friends.

Even worse? You could lose clients!

If you’re determined to spend time disagreeing over political issues online, go to a political blog or a news site and do it there!

Let’s get back to growing our businesses and commenting on that outrageous cat video.