Have you ever sat back and wondered whose life you’re living? You once had high hopes and dreams, but now you’re just living day to day. It’s not a life you chose, instead it feels more like the life you fell into.

You know what living a life you just fell into equals? Mediocrity! Ewww…

Are you living on purpose or are you living by default?

Guess what?!? You get to choose if you’re going to follow the crowd or if you’re going to live according to a plan to achieve your life’s purpose.

And I know YOU are no crowd-follower. You wouldn’t be here right now if you were looking for a comfortable, average, mediocre life.

Are you ready to take the first step?

Right now, COMMIT to living a life by design.

Don’t worry about the “how,” just commit and the process will evolve for you. Release yourself from default mode.

Make the choice: When you choose to live by design instead of by default, there is so much goodness to explore.

Listen, not everyone will support you, expect a little backlash, but know that their fear is on them, not you.

You only have one life, choose how you’re going to live it. Live your life by design, not be default.

I can’t promise living by design will be easy, but I can promise it will be worth it!

Baby steps, my friend. You got this! Share how you’re living your life on purpose.