Wouldn’t it be amazing to UNLOCK the kind of nonstop success you’ve dreamed of… and wouldn’t it be incredible if you just had to ask, and tada, money crashes through the roof right into your lap?

Hello! Welcome back to planet earth where the key to abundance and prosperity requires tending to your intentions by taking consistent action.

Seriously, there are gurus out there that promise you just need to set an intention and BOOM it’s yours.

As if!

Don’t get me wrong, setting intentions is a huge part of success… but there’s more!

Have you ever heard the parable of Two Farmers? It’s a great story about two farmers with the same seeds, but different mindsets. The story contains a very powerful message about decisions.


You see, your goals and intentions are like growing seeds.

If you just throw seeds on the ground and pray for rain you’ll be sorely disappointed at harvest time.

However, if you DECIDE to prep the land, carefully plant the seeds, pull the weeds, ask for help, AND pray for rain, your harvest will be bountiful.

You get to decide:

Choose a life of abundance and prosperity.


Choose a life of lack, poverty and blame.
(Yuck, please don’t choose this one!)

Consciously choose success! Start now by taking consistent action:

  • research
  • seek help
  • learn new skills
  • take responsibility for your success
  • AND pray for rain!

Share with us what you’re doing to tend to your seeds.