Have you ever thought about the number of words you speak in a day? The University of Arizona completed a study and found that most people speak around 16,000 words in a day!

16,000 words a day… ya’ll let that sink in…

I admit, I talk to myself. All. The. Time. And I’m here to tell you it’s imperative you recognize that your words matter and they often manifest themselves.

Words are so powerful and so plentiful. The words we speak have such an impact. With thousands of words flowing around us, it’s easy to be influenced by the words we say and hear.

Negative self-talk is poisonous and unfortunately, it’s a problem that many women, particularly entrepreneurs, suffer from.

Here are a couple quick tips to help you use your words as an opportunity to support manifestation while spreading kindness:

  • When speaking to yourself, ask yourself if what you’re saying is TRUE.
  • Be generous with your positive words, especially when speaking to yourself.
  • Are the words you’re choosing bettering yourself and/or others?

Choose kindness when speaking to not only yourself, but also to others. You have nearly 16,000 chances EVERY single day to manifest more money, happiness, and health, by simply choosing positive words.

Be sure to share  the video above and we’ll start a revolution of manifesting and kindness, one word at a time!