Do you suffer from FOV… Fear of Vulnerability? You’re not alone! The challenge of being vulnerable is real for many entrepreneurs.

As an expert in our field, we’re all afraid of being perceived as “less” than we are. But guess what… do you know why some entrepreneurs achieve FASTER results in their business?

It’s simply due to the fact they are willing to BREAKTHROUGH the fears that are holding them back.

Watch the video to learn how I broke through my own fear of being vulnerable (which launched a roomful of tears) and I’ll teach you WHY and HOW being vulnerable allows your message to transform lives.

Vulnerability fuels strong relationships by demonstrating a level of trust and respect with the person or group of people you are opening to. Being vulnerable allows you to connect at a deeper level and deep work BEGINS with vulnerability.

If you’re not where you want to be in your business, check to see if you suffer from FOV:

  • Your fear of rejection stops you from sharing the REAL you.
  • Your desire to be liked stops you from connecting at a deeper level
  • You feel you should be “perfect” to effectively support others

If any of the above statements apply to you, it’s time to let go of who you think you are to be who you actually are. Being publicly vulnerable is a bold act, but the role of vulnerability has a strong impact on not only your life, but also your business. It’s time to remove your mask of perfection and show the true YOU.

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