Have you ever lost an email subscriber? How about a few Twitter followers? Worst of all, have you ever been rejected? You’re absolutely not alone. They tell you that you shouldn’t take it personally, but let’s face it. Losing a lead feels personal.

At the end of the day, what happened happened. Sure, you don’t know why somebody unsubscribed from your list, but there’s nothing you can do. I’m here to tell you, you shouldn’t worry about it. Why? Because it’s REALLY nothing personal. I can already hear you mumbling. Hear me out.



Why Do The Impossible?

The lesson today is why you need to engage your audience rather than cast a wider net. The truth is, not everybody likes you. And that’s ok. In fact, your favorite person, who you think is perfect in every way, has haters. That’s life, especially on the internet.

So why try to please everybody? It’s impossible. You have an audience, yet you’re chasing after people who are just not interested? This sucks to admit, but not everybody will stay subscribed to your list.

Not everybody will like your content.

Not everybody will resonate with your message.

So what do you do? On top of engaging with your audience, you need to know your audience. From a marketing perspective, you need a target audience. Focus on your ideal audience and they will flock to you. Everybody else? Now irrelevant.

When you shift the focus from a general audience to your target audience, you become authentic. Your audience will love you for it. When you do that, you can successfully engage with your audience.

If you try to cast a wider net, that authenticity loses its zing. As a result, your results become diluted. If that happens, your message won’t resonate with anybody.

Don’t try to change for a larger audience, be you. That’s why subscribers stay subscribed. Because you are you. Because you engage an audience you can relate with. They relate to you. If you change, you lose them.

Shift Your Mindset

Shifting your focus to your ideal target audience will do wonders for the authenticity of your brand. Stop worrying about people who don’t fit that mold. They won’t stay anyways.

Engage your audience. Be you. That’s how you truly change people’s lives.


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