When it comes to your business, do you tend to keep your opinions to yourself?

Are you worried that by being too opinionated, you’ll destroy your brand? Did you know you have a better chance of killing your business by not having an opinion???

Earlier this year I pissed people off because I wasn’t afraid of sharing a business lesson I learned while listening to a sermon I heard at church.

If you’ve hopped over to my About page, you’ll see I clearly state God as a top value of mine. In doing that I piss off a lot of people. But, I’m ok with pissing people off because that value also brings others CLOSER to me because we have a shared value!

You see, I know everyone is NOT my ideal client. The people I piss off will either self-select out or be more interested in what I offer because they are attracted by the polarization of my message.

Check out the video training- it’s a must see… and not just because I single handedly defeat a bee… but it’s filled with juicy tips you can use immediately to target your ideal client with your very OWN polarizing message.



I encourage you to look for opportunities to be polarizing and to find occasions to use what is unique to you!

Happy watching, learning, and pissing people off!

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Here’s To Your Success!