Whether you are sitting in your office chair thinking about taking the leap or have already made it, one thing is clear. You think big. As entrepreneurs simply can’t afford to think small. Right?

So..you’re thinking about the freedom, being able to stay at home with your family, and making money while you sleep. We all do. But thinking is NOT enough. Here’s why:

So last week, I decided I needed to hit the gym and get toned. I already had lost a ton of weight (55 lbs to be exact), which was challenging. The decision to level up a notch and not just ditch the fat, but actually to get toned wasn’t easy. It requires hard work. So hard that 3 hours later I was so freaking sore that picking up a paper clip sounded like a daunting task.

So how was I able to get myself out of bed and straight to the gym? I made the decision to. I didn’t think about it.

I didn’t spend hours picking out the perfect gym clothes. I decided I needed this change, and that was that. Thinking about it and deciding are VERY different things. In fact, it’s how you can accomplish your big goals.

Deciding Vs. Thinking: The Difference Between Doing and Thinking

When we don’t fully commit to a process, we give ourself the option to fail. This option may not be obvious, but it’s there. Unconsciously, if we don’t fully decide, we are essentially destined to fail. You won’t fail immediately. The process often happens over of a few weeks, maybe a few months.

This is normal. When you don’t fully commit, you leave loops open. Your mind will happily exploit these loops. One of these is the try loop.

“I will try to lose weight.”

“I will try to build 10 pounds of muscle!”

Trying isn’t a full commitment. Read that again. Let it sink in, because it’s important. Trying isn’t how you will accomplish your goals. Deciding is.

To prove this, let’s look at the Latin origin of the word DECIDE. The latin root for word decide is decidere, which means literally ‘to cut off’. When you DECIDE, you cut off every other option. When you try, you leave the option of failing open. You allow yourself the opportunity for BS excuses to SEEP in and sabotage your goals….

How To Decide, Instead of Try
To decide, a full commitment is necessary. When you think of a full commitment, a few excuses might pop into your head.

“I’ll do this, just some time in the future.”
This is a nasty trap to fall into. An undefined date in the future gives room to keep it away from your conscious mind. Set a date. Instead of doing it in the future, do it next Monday. Better yet, start TODAY. Don’t trust that you will follow through ‘sometime’, because you probably WON’T. If you want to achieve your goals, set a date and stick to it.

“I don’t have enough time… money… etc.”
Yes, time and money make decisions easier to make. But that perfect moment will never come. If you’re reasonably prepared, you’re ready to fully commit.

When you decide, things magically come to you. When you put the work in no matter what, opportunities come to you. Resources come to you. Some gurus may tell you to prepare, then make the decision. But they have it backwards. Make the decision, THEN the things you thought you needed before will come to you.

I’m not going to lie, it’s a very strange feeling. It almost feels like luck. But it’s not. Action is rewarded. It’s as simple as that.

Commit To Growth
When you commit, you will still make mistakes. Don’t let this stop you. Those who aren’t committed give up. Those who decide have no other choice but to keep going. They are committed to growing as a person. Commit to growth.

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