Are you limiting your own potential? Sometimes (or a lot of times, if we’re being honest) entrepreneurs can fall into a rut. The guilty little culprit?  Your mindset.

In today’s video training and article, I want to help you explore 3 common traps you may be falling into that are TOTALLY keeping you from being the best version of YOU possible. Once you get through what’s holding you back, friend, the sky’s the limit!

So, what are you waiting for?  Let’s get to it!

Trap 1: Expectations from Others

If you’ve owned a business for some time, you live and breathe entrepreneurship. It’s probably all you think about. Unfortunately, your friends, family, colleagues… they simply don’t get it. As a result, these well-meaning folks will see your business venture as a seemingly reckless decision and they will try to stop you, or “save you” from yourself. They simply don’t get it.

Since they don’t understand, you have no business taking their advice as the “gospel”.  They don’t get that in order to reap great rewards…risks have to be taken.  They don’t understand that failure is a normal (and welcome) part of the process.

They don’t think long-term. Simply put, what others think of you means nothing. It’s not your reality. You make your own reality.  

Let me put it this way…would you take financial advice from a broke person?

Gee- I hope not!  So why would you take business advice form someone who doesn’t “get” what you’re doing?!?  (hint: you shouldn’t!)

To avoid this common success trap, you need to listen to one person: yourself. You’re the only one who understands. Other’s opinions typically will only hold you back.

Now that’s not to say that other people’s opinions should be immediately disregarded…the point is, you have to put their opinions in PERSPECTIVE and evaluate how they are coming to their opinion and what “weight” you should give to their thoughts when making up your own mind.

Trap 2: Failure is Painful

So your product launch was a flop?  Your ad campaign didn’t work? Lost a long time client?  Ouch.  It hurts.  I know- I’ve been there.

You start to feel like a failure.  Doubt starts creeping in and your confidence plummets. Then you start wallowing in the self- pity, and before you know it- you’ve sidelined yourself.  You’re not willing to put yourself out there anymore.

I get it.  It sucks.  But, believe me- there’s a better way to approach “failure”.

Instead of seeing failure as a painful dead end, look at it as an opportunity to improve yourself.

If you fail, that’s an indicator that there is a BETTER way to do it. Sit down and assess what you did right.  There’s something you did right- even if it was to just LAUNCH “it” for a test run. Now look at what didn’t work and think about ways you can IMPROVE.    

Remember: Thomas Edison once said- he didn’t “fail” 10,000 times to invent the lightbulb. He simply discovered 10,000 ways that didn’t work.

It’s all in how you look at things!

Bottom line:  To avoid this trap, stop seeing failure as a bad thing. See it as an opportunity for profound personal growth…and personal growth is ALWAYS a good thing, right?!? :-)

Trap 3: Not Playing A Bigger Game

It’s easy to stay in your comfort zone.  It’s comfy.  

But let me tell you, my friend… the GOOD stuff…the AMAZING stuff… is located right. outside. your comfort zone.

You gotta play a bigger game.

If you want to truly make a MASSIVE impact, you’re gonna have to get out of your own way…you’re going to need to keep your eye on the ball and never lose focus of your mighty mission.

That means being willing to step (no, make that DANCE) you way out of your comfort zone.  


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