It seems like everywhere you turn people are telling you to be authentic and that you need to build a brand around the real you.

But what happens if you don’t like who you are?
…or the way you look?
…or the way you sound?
…or the educational level you’ve completed?
…or the results you’ve gotten?

What happens when you’re just plain SCARED to be authentic and build a brand around YOU because you feel like you just might not be good enough or that people won’t like the REAL you?

You see, I know what it’s like to feel that you’re just not good “enough” to put yourself out there. I’ve struggled with those feelings of inadequacy for most of my life.

I know how it feels to be surrounded by competitors who are gorgeous “picture perfect” models with their AH-MAZING pictures posed perfectly in front of back drops around the world…with their movie production-quality videos, and their seemingly picture perfect brand.

And you know what….having competitors like that can make an ordinary person super intimidated to put themselves out there and share their message with the world. So if that’s you, don’t worry—you’re not alone.
How do I know anything about this?

Well, for the past 7 years I’ve been carrying around an extra 60 pounds and I’ve been embarrassed and insecure about that pretty much every single day. I grew up hating my appearance, and I’m ashamed to say that I almost didn’t launch my signature program back in 2012 because I thought I wasn’t good enough.

I was terrified that people wouldn’t like me or my message…I had nightmares that when I launched my program that crickets would be chirping. (That totally didn’t happen by the way…)

You see, right before my launch, a fellow entrepreneur who was the “picture perfect” model (skinny, outgoing, crazy successful) was launching her program the exact. same. week. as mine. I worried about how my program was going to be a flop because my launch videos looked ugly compared to hers. I got so upset that my husband had to forbid me from opening another one of her emails or watching another one of her videos. (boy am I glad he did!)
My point in telling you all of this is that being authentic in your business can be just plain scary. All of the insecurities you have about yourself and your business come bubbling up to the surface.

You wonder if you’re READY to put yourself out there. (or should you just study a little bit more first)?
You wonder if your niche is the right one (because you think that your business will totally flop if you pick the wrong niche, so days, weeks and months go by and no decision is made).

You wonder if you need to lose a few more pounds before you shoot that first video or get your headshot…or you decide to help a few more “free” clients before you finally put that payment button on your website.
You can’t help but think and re-think about the program you put together and how it probably needs just a FEW more tweaks, and then you’ll launch it.

But here’s the thing I learned…people you don’t even know yet are waiting on your to put yourself and your message out into the world. You aren’t serving yourself or anyone else hiding behind that computer screen.
I was FAR from perfect when I launched my signature program, but I made a ton of sales. Within the first week people were telling me that my program changed their life! I remember one client commenting to me that I gave her the clarity she needed in her business, that no one else was able to give her.

What I discovered through that process was that there were people that NEEDED me, and I had an obligation to get over myself, and put my message out there. It was far better to take imperfect action, than none at all.
Look, you don’t have to be perfect. Your products or services don’t have to be perfect. Your website doesn’t have to be perfect.

Ok? You just have to be yourself…and yes, be AUTHENTIC!

But there are THREE things that are super important, that a lot of people totally miss when it comes to be authentic.

1. You Have To Get Your Message In Front Of The Right People.

You need to make sure that what you’re putting out there to the world is going to resonate with a very specific audience of people that 1) you like to serve and 2) are willing and able to pay you for your products and services.
There’s no point in laying it all out there to a group of people who aren’t going to appreciate YOU for the amazing person that you are and pay you what you’re worth.
2. You Still Have to Position Yourself In An Attractive Way.

I’m not talking about physical appearance. What I mean is that you have to keep in mind the type of person your audience wants to do business with. I’ve seen far too many people putting themselves out there so openly that their “About Me” page looks more like a visit to the therapist.

It’s important to share, but not “over-share”- if you’ve had struggles in you life, make sure to share how they relate to the value you’re offering to the marketplace. Remember, you are trying to not only build trust and rapport…but you’re trying to make sales too!
3. Being Authentic Is Not Enough.

Just because you’re authentic, doesn’t mean that you’re going to be successful in business. Being authentic will absolutely help you attract prospects to your business and convert them into sales, but you need a plan to build your authentic brand that’s specifically designed to help you to attract the right audience, and convert them into buyers and eventually brand evangelists.
If you’re like most people I’ve met, you’re probably a little overwhelmed when it comes to building your brand online. Lucky for you though…I’ve got a plan that I’ve been using for the past 6 years to help business owners just like you to define, build & monetize their authentic brand and I’ll be sharing it on a complimentary web class! I would love to you to come and join me on this game-changing webinar!

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