Have you heard a lot of talk about building your personal brand but you’re not quite sure if that’s something that you need to be spending your time and money on?

Today I want to talk about why you should consider building your personal brand.

I happen to have a lot of experience in this field. I am a personal branding expert.

The reason I got into personal branding was because, quite honestly, I lost my entire business because I wasn’t building my own brand.

This is super important if you are in direct sales, in affiliate marketing or selling anyone else’s stuff. Why? Because when you are selling someone else’s stuff you are building their brand.

But let’s face it. Times change. You change.

You may not want to continue to promote that particular brand. When that happens, you have to start over from scratch!

That ends up costing you big in the long run.

When you build your own, personal brand, it can change with you as you morph and grow.

For example, when I got started after losing my first business (because I built their brand), I decided that I wanted to build my brand around blogging.

It wasn’t very long after that that I realized that I didn’t really like talking about blogging. It wasn’t who I was.

That is when I started making a shift to helping people define, monetize and build their authentic brands online.

It was because I had a personal brand that I could make that shift!

Keep in mind that your brand follows you everywhere! If you do choose to build a personal brand, be very aware of that. Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression!