It’s time for a cool tool alert!

Here’s the scenario:

You’ve got prospects, potential clients or actual clients that you need to talk to.

You don’t really feel comfortable giving them your cell phone number or your home phone number.

The reality is that you shouldn’t be giving out that personal information to people anyway.

You’re operating a business and need to be professional.

Do you need to install a new landline at your home?


Now, there are free services like Google Voice, but those alert your customer that you are using their service and that makes you look cheap.

Obviously, when you are building your personal brand, you want to put your very best foot forward.

Go to

They have super-affordable rates to get your own phone number.

They also allow you to set up different extensions which can be helpful if you have multiple people on your team or if you need to allow people to leave voicemails for different companies.

Not only that, but you can also send and receive fax messages online! How cool is that?! will allow you to have a profession presence online without breaking the bank!