Are you in a funk in your business? Do you feel like you are not making any progress and even entertaining the thought of quitting?

What can you do about it?

Building a business is hard work.

It is not a solo sport.

Most important to understand is that there will be ups and downs in business and that is simply part of the process.

But what should you do when you are simply in a funk about your business?

The best thing to do is to fill your mind with positive messages.

I suggest you listen to podcasts and audiobooks that will fill your mind with positive thoughts.

Even doing this for 10-20 mins a day can do wonders for lifting you out of your funk.

But what can you do if personal development isn’t working?

You need the help of a coach or mentor.

This will probably mean an investment on your part.

But, let’s face it. If you’re serious about building a business and you are entertaining thoughts about quitting, then you owe it to yourself and to the people that you are serving to do your very best to get yourself out of this down time.

Hire someone that you trust, that you will respect and that has a proven track record and let them help you. Don’t be ashamed or feel like you always have to be super upbeat for them.

Really take this advice to heart and you’ll be surprised at how you can turn your outlook around.