Are you terrified of doing videos?

I know I was…and that may surprise you.

Since you’ve seen that I’ve done lots and lots of videos, you’re probably thinking that I absolutely love being on camera.

Well, the truth is that I really don’t like being on camera, but still I shoot videos.

So there has to be a reason for it, right? Why in the world if I don’t like doing videos am I doing them on a consistent basis?

The reason is that video can build such a deep connection with your audience that I had to get over my fears and insecurities of being on video.

In fact, if you click this link (, you’re going to be taken to my very first video that I did for a video challenge that I was participating in.

Speaking of which, a video challenge is an awesome way to get over your fear of video.

In my very first video challenge, I did 3 videos a week for 4 weeks.

That really helped me to get over myself.

Do I still hate the sound of my voice on video? Yep, I sure do!

When my husband, Rich, wants to give me a lot of grief, he’ll pull one of my videos up and play it really loud in the house.

If you have these insecurities, you’re in good company. But I will tell you that I have met more people and gotten more clients from this video I absolutely hated than I ever thought possible.

The video was of me standing in a river outside of Boise. So many people told me that they love that video and I absolutely hated it! I was totally uncomfortable and insecure and that video ended up getting well over 100,000 views and we got tons of clients as a result of it.

So, I would love to challenge you to shoot a video. It is super easy now. You can pull out your smartphone, shoot a video and upload it. On some phones you can even edit videos now!

If you will do a video in the next 2 weeks, I will enter you into a drawing to win a one-hour coaching session with me (that’s a $500 value!).

If you want to enter the video challenge, send an email to me at natasha at natashahazlett dot com.

Anyone that has done their very first video within the next 2 weeks will be entered in the drawing!

I look forward to getting your videos!