Let’s talk about the dirty S-Word.


If there is something that makes most of my clients want to run for the hills…it is talking about how to close sales (aka asking for the sale).

You probably feel this way too! You probably have an amazing product or service that you are selling. Something that will help tons of people and change lives.

And yet, you totally hate selling.

I get it.

It probably comes from an experience you had at one point or another with someone that was a super-pushy sales person.

For me, that experience definitely had to be any time I was going to buy a car. It drove me nuts! Just writing this right now and picturing going on a car sales lot makes feel awful! I always feel like they are trying to use all of these tactics on me and trying to close the sale. It irritates me because I feel like they are trying to manipulate me and that I have a super-short window of time to buy or else the car of my dreams is going to be gone.

You know what I mean.

I think that is exactly why so many people hate sales…because they’ve had this negative experience.

But here’s the thing… (This is how I re-framed my mind when it came to selling)

I knew that I had invested tremendously in my education in marketing and entrepreneurship. I have years and years of experience in getting results for my clients.

So, of course, I deserve to be paid for the value that I bring to the marketplace. I had to get comfortable with that. And you need to get comfortable with that.

Think about all of the investments you have made.
Think about the results that you have achieved using the product or service that you want to sell.

I want you to realize that you absolutely have an obligation to share with them the amazing thing that you have to offer them because it can change their life!

It might change their life because they’ll be able to lose weight, cook amazing meals for their family, make them look amazing, etc.

In some way, you’re going to help another person and so you have an obligation to share with them what it is that you have for sale.

But you also have an opportunity to decide whether you want to be that pushy sales person or not. If you hate the pushy car salesman, don’t be pushy like them!

Understand that there is a big difference between offering something and pushing them on it and forcing someone to buy something they don’t want.

You don’t have to be pushy. But you do have an obligation to let someone know that you have something available for purchase.

For example, a lot of people get really uncomfortable at the concept that someone would sell after a webinar or web class.

I do a lot of selling after web classes.

The reason that I’ve gotten really comfortable with doing that is because after giving amazing content, I know that there are certain people in the audience (not everyone) that loved it and now they would like to learn more and want to work with me closer.

If I didn’t sell something, they wouldn’t have the opportunity to work closely with me…which is what a lot of people want to do.

So I had to get comfortable with asking for the sale.

It may be that you are going to a speaking engagement and you’re giving an amazing speech, but then you don’t want to sell anything at the end of your speech. That’s unfortunate because after you’ve captivated that audience, they may want something more from you.

It is your obligation (as long as you can deliver on your promises and you are selling high-quality stuff) to give people the opportunity to work closer with you or to buy your product or service.

I hope that this has given you something to think about, that you’re going to actively re-frame your mind when it comes to sales and get comfortable asking for the sale because giving someone the opportunity to buy could dramatically change someone’s life by giving them the missing piece that they need to move forward.