Let’s talk today about jerks.

Yep, jerks.

Today I watched the most disturbing video.

It was my client sharing a story that just happened to her.

Some jerk commented on her video disparaging her appearance, her voice and other stuff. It really upset my client…and justifiably so.

As I was sitting there listening to her recounting this story (and kudos to her for being authentic and sharing stuff that’s really going on in her life) my blood was boiling.

All I could think was, “Who does that?!?”

I’m probably preaching to the choir and none of y’all would ever disparage someone on their video (especially on their appearance…I mean, for real???) but it also got me thinking about a habit that I see a lot of people have.

Obviously this guy was completely off-base and unacceptable.

There’s something else that people have a tendency to do and that is to complain just for the sake of complaining.

I’ve come across this not only as a business coach, not only as an attorney, but also as a member of the board of directors of the Junior League of Boise.

Being in a leadership position–you end up hearing a lot of griping. (ie “I don’t like this.” “You need to change this and that.”)

And one thing I want you to take away from this video is that if your tendency is to complain that you instead make your complaint known by bringing a solution to the table.

Doing this may require you to think.

But you know what? If you want to problem-solve you should be the one that is coming up with potential solutions to at least to get the process moving.

The take away…

If you have a complaint or concern about something, make sure that you are also putting on your problem-solver hat and trying to work to fix the problem.

This will benefit your personal brand…no matter if it is at work, with a charity, your kids’ school, or your business. Having that as a trait will definitely boost your personal brand stock!

Cheering you on to massive success,