Should you use the hosting provided by the service from which you bought your domain name?

I’m gonna get techy today.

There was a question in my community a couple of weeks ago about whether or not you should be purchasing hosting from the same place where you purchase your website/domain name.

Lots of people buy their domain name from GoDaddy.

I’ve bought who knows how many domain names from GoDaddy. But, I always separate where I host the domain.

I don’t want the company that hosts my website to be the same as the one where I purchased it.


I read in a book from one of my friends, Mike Young, who is an internet law expert that you should always separate those two services.

The main reason is that if, for some reason, your domain/hosting company decides that they don’t like what’s on your website, they can shut down your website!

You want to make sure that you are diversifying!

If you buy your domain name from GoDaddy, you want to choose a different hosting company.

For us, the hosting company that we’ve been using for years and love is HostGator.

There are lots of others that are out there, but we’ve been really happy with HostGator.

Bottom line?

Make sure you are diversifying when it comes to buying domain names and hosting websites.

Cheering you on to massive success,