This is the 3rd video in a series of 5 videos where I share the top 5 reasons why you may not be getting the results you want from your business.

Mistake #1 is that you may not be respecting your business.

Mistake #2 is that you are not being consistent enough in your business-building efforts.

So now here we are at Mistake #3…

Mistake #3 is playing business owner instead of actually being a business owner.

I know a lot about this because I am an attorney. The information in this video is not legal advice and should be used for educational purposes only. Take what you learn in this video and talk to an attorney in your jurisdiction.

So what’s the mistake? You’re playing business owner. You’re not really in the game.

“Real” business owners have a company set up. It maybe be an LLC or an S Corp or maybe a C Corp (U.S. law only).

A lot of business owners, including some of my clients have told me that they don’t think they need to start a company until they start making XYZ amount of profit.


I believe that the fact that you don’t have a corporate structure is exactly why you’re not taking your business seriously.

When you get a corporate structure, you can apply for your very own tax ID number for the business and open a business bank account.

Setting this up does not take that much money or time.

When you have these important structures in place, subconsciously you start taking your business more seriously.

Hobby owners? They don’t have these things set up. They just use their own personal checking account.

That’s not a serious business owner. That’s someone that playing business owner.

You need to have your own website. You need to have a professional email address.

Here are just 5 examples of things that you need to be a real business owner:

1. Get a company started
2. Get a tax id number for your business
3. Get a business bank account
4. Get a website
5. Get a professional email address

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