As the creator of the revolutionary branding course, Branded: 100% Authentic I have the privilege of working with some absolutely amazing entrepreneurs to help them define, build and monetize their authentic brand online.

In May, I issued a challenge to my Branded students:  create at least 2 videos a week for 6 weeks.   We called this challenge the Branded Video Revolution.   

Students who created 3 videos per week qualified for Video Super Star Status.  Turns out we’ve got a lot of stars in Branded! :-)

Many of these students were afraid to make a video….but you wouldn’t guess it from their amazing videos!

Challenging yourself is a great way to overcome mental barriers you’ve created in your own mind. Many times the limits that you’ve set for yourself are not rational at all, they stem from fear of the unknown.

I wanted to celebrate the fearlessness of my students who completed the challenge by spotlighting them here. Let me know what you think by sharing your comments below!

Helen Willsher


Ree Rote


Stella Scott


Viviana Andrew


Pat Campbell


Heather Quisel


Lori Thayer


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