Praise for Natasha

Ann-Sieg“We’ve had Natasha train on branding for our last two live workshops. Each time her hot seats and marketing critiques have gotten more powerful (which I didn’t think was possible). Natasha’s most recent hot seat member not only got crystal clear on her niche and brand, she’s also gone on to start making her first sales and getting immediate results.”
Ann Sieg | CEO | 80/20 Marketing, Inc.
Stacia Hopkins“Not only did Natasha help me make my first dollar online, she showed me one strategy that allowed me to FINALLY start generating a consistent cash flow through my blog. With Natasha’s guidance, I’ve found a profitable niche, created and sold my first information product online (for $97 I might add). I won Mark Hoverson’s Irresistible Blueprint houseboat contest, I’m regularly featured in Better Networker’s “What’s Hot” emails & What’s Working Now magazine. Not to mention, I’ve gotten that traffic I was looking for when I first met Natasha…. 20+ lead days!”
Stacia Hopkins | Video Marketing Expert
“We had a student who took your class with us late night and called in RAVING about the experience! She said it was informative and she left MOTIVATED to change her life. THANK YOU!!!!!”
Boise Community Education Program
Ravi-Palia“You made things so easy. Before listening and attending your workshop live, [branding] was all rocket science to me. Now I feel confident that I can do it.”
Ravi Palia | Internet Entrepreneur
Melinda-Kipfner“Before finding Branded, I had bought other online courses that also included coaching. There were so many holes in those programs that I ended up frustrated and confused. The coaching was nothing more than emails cheering me on. Then I found Branded. It is the program to start with before making an investment in your online business because unless you’re unique and different from everyone else online, you’re just another little fish in the huge ocean. This course is the solid foundation that all successful businesses are built upon. It focused on me with very specific and focused steps that will build MY online business for ME. It is challenging, life changing, and necessary for anyone who does not want to waste their time and money.As a newbie to online marketing, I was able to move at my pace and Natasha personalized our coaching sessions to my specific needs. I believe she truly wants each and every one of us to succeed. With Branded, I am now equipped with the knowledge that I know will make my online business a profitable and enjoyable adventure. Branded covers it all if you want to stand out from the crowd and move your business forward. I believe attempting to build an online business without Branding yourself first and without the coaching expertise of Natasha is a huge mistake.This has been the wisest investment I have made for my business.”Melinda Kipfer | Top Performing Direct Sales Distributor
Grace-Tang“My name is Grace Tang a stay a home mom stuck in a dream of starting an online sport sculpture memorabilia company. I searched for years online for help, which only grew worse because of all the online products I was being attacked with claiming they were the best. The frustration grew and I felt hopeless. The dream of owning my own business became a nightmare. I thought of going back to school to learn the ins and outs of developing a strategy for my business but having a three year old son to care for and the thought of putting him in daycare only made my nightmare heighten.A friend of mine who was a successful online marketer knew the ins and outs of the online organization, so when I expressed my frustration. She advised me of a course that I needed to checkout. From the get go the name “Branded” said it all!! I order it and got to work. I’m not going to lie, it was deep and intense it took a lot of self-examination. Finally after four years my dream of starting my online business started to form into something I could never imagine.
I can honestly say “branded has given me hope and a sense of confidence that I hadn’t had before” I know without “Branded’ I would still be frustrated and not a very happy business owner.”
Grace Tang | Owner | A Trace of Grace
Heather-Quisel“Natasha delivers critical information to make each entrepreneur successful in their online business. From overcoming fear and doubt to how to set up an LLC, she will teach you EVERYTHING that goes into running a successful business. Her professionalism is outstanding and her straight-to-the-point mentality leads to clear understanding of the material. I’m SO glad to be in her program and my business gets stronger and more successful every day because of her!”
Heather Quisel | Multi-Million Dollar Team Builder with Rodan & Fields
Jess-Brown“Natasha teaches the things that really matter in creating a successful business. I’ve never had any training like hers before and it’s making all the difference. She provides more value (by far) than anyone else in the industry and truly cares about her students and their success. If you’re considering taking Natasha’s coaching sessions, I strongly encourage you to do it. You’ll get the help and information you need to finally start having success in your business.”
Jess Brown | Owner, Vintage Beach Studio
Susanna-Terry“A coaching session with Natasha Hazlett was for me one of self-discovery. She helped me realize how much I have already accomplished without being aware. Also she showed me a simple way to practically implement some of my plans. I can imagine how much more I can accomplish if I have more time and training with Natasha to enable me to reach fast my goals. Thanks a million Natasha!”
Susanna Terry | Holistic Therapies Coach & Trainer


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