Branding 101: How to Be #1 In Your Niche

Who knew that a teeny, tiny panini shop on a nondescript side street in Florence, Italy had cracked the code to becoming the #1 restaurant on TripAdvisor and dominating their niche.

Check it out, this is super cool:

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  1. Looks like they choose the exact Customer they wanted: all those people in line looked alike in age and ability to have a good time just standing in line. And you two fit right in.

    I also liked that you chose to use your experience at the shop as a training for us. Good work. Thanks,
    Chuck Ferguson recently posted…Hello world!My Profile

  2. Today I ate at a small eatery. The staff greeted their customers by name. I commented that few businesses seem to make that effort nowadays. She replied with a smile, “I hope to see you again so I can call you by name too”. I am treated okay by most small businesses, but rarely do I walk out raving about the wonderful experience I just had. It takes so little effort to add some pizzaz to a business transaction! I am trying to be a better customer as well and thank the person at the cash register for something – attitude, efficiency, or just a great smile – and hope I have helped make their day better.

  3. Time and time again I have not returned to a business place due to poor customer service. My No 1 tip wherever I have worked has always been to give the best customer experience, it is what will make your business thrive far better then a fancy logo!

  4. Listened to Darren Hardy interview Anne Sweeney Chief of Disney/ABC yesterday… She says of Brand…that it’s all about the relationship with your customer…engaging and giving value…Disney/ABC is thriving. Offering consistent, meaningful, engaging products or services will keep your customer coming back to do business with you.
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