“How can I best advertise my business on a budget?”

Here’s this week’s Wine-Down Wednesday Q & A Series, where YOU get to ask me anything you want about how to create a business and a life that you love.

Today’s question comes from Adam in British Columbia, Canada. He asked me a question an awesome question about advertising on a budget.

Take a look:

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I LOVE hearing from you, so leave a comment and join in the conversation- what’s YOUR best advice for Adam? If you know of others who can benefit from today’s video, feel free to share this post with others.

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    • Pat, love your suggestion for like-minded groups. That’s another great place to find prospects. The key is to always lead with value, not your pitch as a member of these groups.

  1. First of all, Natasha, perhaps you should give advance notification of the Wine of the Week and we could join you!
    Secondly, for Adam… as a fellow BC-er who has had a similar career as the one he is now pursuing, I would tend to suggest looking to earn a bit of extra cash by working at his local recreation centre and their satellites. While he will not be able to overtly advertise his biz or his products, people in the community will soon come to recognize him as an authority and ask his advice. If he had business cards ready and suggested they call him on his own time, he could then promote his own “stuff”. Local health fairs or mall promotions may cost a little money but the exposure can be huge, and if you share a table/booth with a complementary business, you cut your costs in half. Large companies still offer “wellness” days or “staff appreciation” events and are thrilled when someone volunteers to come in and offer to teach ergonomics or work-site stretching (and leave their cards all over the place!) Just a few thoughts.
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    • Agnes- I may need to hire you to be my wine connoisseur to suggest wines for Wine Down Wednesday!
      Your advice for Adam is phenomenal! Thanks so much for being so generous and sharing your experience. I hope that he will take those tips and run with them!

  2. Lovely Florence and great advices too. I see 2 advices: how to earn extra cash and how to market in a low cost budget. Time vs Money. What I did is commenting. Visit forums or facebook/linkedin groups, there are many social media platform. By giving comments/best advices, people will notice your expertise. I normally give comments on relevant blogs that have high traffic, and the comments linked to my Facebook page. I make sure that I will be the first few people to make comments so my comments will have high/more visibility.
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    • Killer strategy Viviana for making comments quickly so they are at the top of the highly traffic sites! Thanks for generously sharing with everyone. :-)

  3. Suggestion for Adam if he has a blog. (If not start with a free WP-blog, and convert it later!)

    I’m just starting the opposite strategy from guest blogging. That is, I’m inviting people that I can interview on my blog, singers that would like some exposure themselves. I count on them spreading the word to other people in our industry about the article on them. That way my target market will discover me and what I have to offer. My blog will then become the “hub” for my singers tribe.

    Don’t know if it works yet, but it feels very right, and then it usually is. :-)
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    • Interested to see how that works for you Stella!

      This can be a good strategy if you have the time and connections to get cool guests to interview. But for a quicker route, tapping into someone else’s traffic is a super quick way to get some leads. :-) I have no doubt your site will become the hub for your new singers tribe! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your newest strategy with everyone!

  4. Adam,
    I must repeat what Natasha said – Don’t ever give up – first & foremost.
    Secondly, I too, am in the health & wellness niche’ and on a tight budget as well. Budget restrictions are a huge challenge requiring us to bear the extra workload. One thing in our favor is the changing markets from a traditional “job market” to an “empathy driven” economy which will require more people to Live our Passions. This trend gives those of us already learning and growing in the online market an advantage. It demands that we be willing to do the extra foot/ground work so as the ground expands we will lead the way.
    Best to you, Lori

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