“How Long Will It Take To Build Your Business Online?”

One of the most common reasons why aspiring internet entrepreneurs fail, is the lack of proper expectations when it comes to the length of time it takes to build a successful online business.

In this video, I answer the question that’s probably been on your mind…

“How long will it take me to build my business online?”

(Hint: Anyone who says it can be done overnight is lying to you!)

Check out my answer (and enjoy the scenery behind me!)

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  1. Wow, how cool is that vacation…AND marketing your brand all in the same breath. Just learned last night that NOW you can take that vacation or part of it as a business tax deduction Natasha :) That is even cooler. Nice video and great message about building your business like that beautiful castle behind you…have fun, be safe and see you stateside.
    Carla J Gardiner recently posted…How to Ignite Your Business Using Social MediaMy Profile

    • Hi Carla! There are definitely big perks to being an Internet Entrepreneur! ;-) We’ve loved being able to travel around while helping others. So much fun!
      Thanks for stopping by! :-)

  2. Consistent action, never quitting, working with a coach or mentor…two things I have committed to the third one I’m working at. Consistent action, my coach will soon make clearer what actions I’m to take consistently…I am excited for our two days soon to happen together. This palace is still serving hundreds of years after completion. Taking time to build a firm business foundation works.
    Have a fabulous holiday.
    Pat Campbell recently posted…Your Unique Selling Proposition Can ChangeMy Profile

  3. Thank you for sharing this, Natasha. Right from the beginning, I’ve always loved your approach to teaching. You’ve encouraged me to take one step at a time, and have brought inspiration, understanding, and clarity into the process of starting my online business. And most of all, I express my gratitude for standing by as I explored the different possibilities that attracted me… only to arrive at the truth of what my real gifts and passions are. Your direct and loving ways of getting to the core of things, has left me thinking that, wherever this is taking me, it’s going to a wonderful, empowering and abundance place !
    I met you in the river, and her you are in the Versailles! :-) You look beautiful, happy and very alive!
    Thank both of you for everything you do, Crystal xoxo

    • Awww Crystal- you sure do know how to make me blush! I’ve enjoyed watching your growth over the past couple of years- watching you blossom online. I’ve really enjoyed your videos in the Branded Video challenge. It really showcases your authentic self- which I LOVE! :-)

    • I agree Stella! I always wonder why highly-intelligent people fall into the trap of believing the hype of quick riches…. best we can do is educate, right?!?

    • Thanks Kelly! Definitely feeling very blessed right now. All of the hard work we put in over the years is most definitely paying off!

  4. Hi, Natasha. Thank you for keeping me connected with you and Rich. Seeing you out traveling the world is inspirational and helps me realize the true potential for those of us who decide to ‘Never Give Up!’

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