“Can I Really DO This?”

Today’s video is the first in our Wine-Down Wednesday Q & A Series, where YOU get to ask me anything you want about how to create a business and a life that you love.

Today’s question comes from Nicolas down in Australia. He asks me several questions that I KNOW are probably on your mind as well.

Take a look:

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I LOVE hearing from you, so leave a comment and join in the conversation- what’s YOUR best advice for Nicolas? If you know of others who can benefit from today’s video, feel free to share this post with others.

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Thank you so much for reading, watching and contributing! :-)

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  1. Natasha thank you so much. Wow can not believe how much appreciation I have for you. The kind words and clarity of the explanations was fantastic. Thank you for answering my questions and allowing me to be apart of this community. Thank you for sharing my story. Massive smile on my face :D

  2. Hi Nicolas, from a fellow “Branded” member…I repeat Natasha’s invitation to come into the FB group to enjoy the camaraderie and supports there.
    Also, I would suggest that you journal your progress somehow…This will help you to see the progress you are making, and I bet, marvel at how much you are learning and implementing. That will help when going forward seems tough.
    Pat Campbell recently posted…Your Unique Selling Proposition Can ChangeMy Profile

  3. Thanks for asking such a great question Nick! You CAN do this! Natasha – Love Wine Wednesdays (even if I am having my Thursday Morning Coffee!!!!:)

    • LOL Our internet is SO slow in Paris- it was Wine Down Wednesday when I shot the video…but Thursday morning coffee when it FINALLY uploaded!

  4. Love Wine Down Wednesday!!! Cheers to you. Nick….you’re in the right spot. Branded is an amazing community you’re going to grow to love. Such a great support system.

    • So glad you like it Somer! I’m going to make it a habit to share the type of wine I’m drinking too in future videos I think… LOL Just in case anyone wants a good recommendation!

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