“How Does Branding Make You Money?”

In today’s video, I address a frequently asked question that I get:

“Natasha, how can branding make me money?”

Let’s face it, as entrepreneurs, we want to make some dinero, right?

Now most folks out there teaching marketing are harping on traffic generation- it’s all about getting leads, leads, leads…

…or is it?

The reality is, that leads are only PART of the equation for generating an income online.

Watch the video to learn the truth about how building your authentic brand can help you cash in big online.

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    • Absolutely right Pat- it’s so important that Business Owners take responsibility for their brand. The worse thing an entrepreneur could do is have someone ELSE define their brand!

  1. Totally with you on this one. There are many that focus on the lead, but never mention want to do after that lead is generated. I myself ran into that problem when I first started to generate my own leads online. And now WHAT?? Thanks for meaning it clear and helpin chisel out the road to my personal brand! :-)
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  2. Hi Natasha. Thank you so much for this video – you are so in tune with what the marketplace needs – rather than what old school “branding experts” sell to their clients. The word authentic springs to mind. Thank you for all you do. Keep sharing thee goodies……
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  3. Branding to me is about trust.
    Natasha, I really appreciated your concept and how much branding your business brings to the table. I know one of my clients is always asking me how to brand her business… I have explained a few times, that she has to put herself in the picture… Your explanation is so complete…. You put yourself in the picture, show up, and interact with your buyers and they begin to trust you and like you. That’s how you sell to others… When they like you and trust you, they will buy from you.

    I loved that definition.

    Be yourself and bring them to you!

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