Are You Living Your Life By Default?


In today’s video, I share one decision that I made, that changed the course of my life forever. You’ll also learn why NOW is the best time for you to share your message with the world.

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  1. Hello Natasha,

    We have chatted a few times. I have been part of DMC for almost a year now and have not really got things off the ground. I have allowed life to get into my way. When I started I got caught up in the world wind of getting things started, being pulled in so many direction and not knowing really which path to follow. Now, I wish I would have read things a little more carefully and started one thing and worked completely through that. I found my self jumping from one thing to another as trainings and things that interested came up. With that I got lost and just laid low in an attempt to get going again but on a better path. I am a part of FastFforward. Often I feel let by the roadside because I cannot keep up or do not understand something. Getting that guidance and one on one help is one of the reasons I joined DMC. Branding myself is what I want to do so, that I will be able to market what I would like.

    You have help many people find their way and build strong foundation for their businesses. You are a woman with a wealth of knowledge and experience to help those out there. Natasha you are an inspiration to many and a mentor many more. You have defiantly showed that you can move your live from rags to riches and from ordinary to what every you want it to be. Thank you for being you and sharing all that you do.

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