Natasha Hazlett- Exposed!

Have you ever wondered what REALLY happens behind the curtain (and the computer screen) with certain Internet Marketers that you see around?

I do…

So I decided to pull back the curtain today, and let you see a “different side” of me…


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Cheering you on to massive success!


    • Ha ha ha- bet you didn’t see that one coming Stella!!

      So next time we see each other, we may have to parle Francais! :-)

  1. I did not know that you loved alpaca so much, I do too! I was so thrilled to get 3 of them for my birthday last year (live ones, not stuffed).

    I already knew you were a fun person after meeting you in MN, but I love seeing even more of this crazy side of you – especially with the Tina hair. :)
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  2. What a LONG way you’ve come from your first video! It was awesome before Tina Turner wig but I have to say that was a shocking surprise…A whole new visual effect for when I now think of you Natasha:)

  3. No, Natasha, YOU’re awesome. Thank you so very much for the email that sent me here to your video. I love it! I plan to get to know you and Rich better as time goes on. Until then, God bless you for all that you do…

  4. I loved your video. You are a down to earth fun loving person. I look forward to meeting you some day soon. GOD Bless you and your family.

    • No way Marde! You’ll have to post it over at our fan page!
      Alpacas in the snow- that’s a Twofer (which is southern for Two-For-One) LOL

    • Ha ha ha- so you like my sweet dance moves, Victoria? LOL Awesome that you have a daycare- stay tuned for more strategies, what we teach can certainly help offline business owners like you!

    • Oh awesome- another Alpaca fan! We Alpaca-fans need to stick together, ya know! LOL A few miles from our house is a guy that has an Llama…. my love of Alpacas got started from my daily drive past the Llama (whom I named: Mrs. Llama) and I love Llamas but apparently Alpacas are nicer!

  5. Wow, you have quite a few interests. So you like the snow. Up here in Ontario and north of Toronto where I live, we have been in a deep freeze all winter with a humungus amount of snow.

  6. Thank you for sharing this video with me, Natasha. You are a very fun, positive person. I also think that alpacas are very cute, and I love your Tina Turner wig! Thank you and Rich for inspiring me to go for my dreams! May God continue to bless you both in every way!

  7. Thank you for stepping up and taking this challenge, but you have to get rid of the Turner wig!
    If you can cook Lebanese food tell Rich i;am inviting myself for dinner.
    Thanks for sharing

    • Awww Baz, you don’t like my wig :-( Sniff. Sniff. LOL I will tell Rich that you’re coming over for dinner! Ha ha ha

  8. Hi. Thank you for sharing some things about yourself. I spent four years in India when I was young and still speak some Hindi. And like you, I love karaoke and once won a contest and got $50. Gas money for a couple weeks :)
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    • That’s SO cool AV that you speak Hindi AND that you won a Karaoke contest…I haven’t won any contests…yet! LOL

  9. I adore your personality and charizma! I can’t stop watch this video, it’s hillarious and natural at the same time. You are a great speaker and I hope to learn marketing strategies from you!

    • Ramune, You’re making me blush! Thanks! Well I promise to keep the strategies coming for you, so stay tuned!

  10. Ok, this video is fantastic! I love how much you share – that’s definitely part of your brand!!! I’m catching on and starting to understand branding for the first time in my life, from both your FB ad for Thursday’s class (YES i will be there!!!) and from your videos! Just watching you in action!

    So, we have a bit of overlap. I’ve been an opera singer, theatre performer, karaoke scares the doo-doo out of me because I never know what key the song will be in! I LOVE animals and have a pet sitting biz plus I paint and specialize in pet portraits. I grew up in the South and have been to Boise a dozen times or more, in the summers only. But it was 45 degrees one June weekend!

    I just loved how many little details that people would not expect, popped up in this video! Thanks for being so open and sharing – your brand rocks and I can’t wait for the class!!!!

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