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In today’s  post, I want to feature some Blogging Beauties that you absolutely need to meet!

These lovely ladies are all highly talented bloggers in my Branded community who took me up on a Blogging Challenge at the end of last year…during the holidays no less.   While most people were taking off time between Thanksgiving and Christmas- these ladies were cranking out amazing content for their readers.

I want to first introduce you to our Blogging Super Stars who completed at least 18 blog posts during the competition:

Anita Levesque:  Anita Levesque is a Social Media Consultant who helps network marketers, direct sales reps and coaches to attract more leads and sales to their business using the power of Social Media.  Visit Anita’s blog at:

Agnes Knowles: combines information and inspiration for pre-retirement women wondering what the hell happened to the retirement dreams they had prior to the economic downturn.  Let Agnes guide you through the maze of on-line business building and income creation, allowing you to Reclaim Your Retirement Dreams!

Kim Steadman:  Kim Steadman is owner and author of, blog where empty nest moms can find encouragement and tools to repurpose and redesign their lives after the kids fly the coop.  Her mission is to help other moms not only 'survive' but THRIVE during the empty nest years.

Helen Willsher:  For professional women over 40 suddenly feeling unsure of where you are on your life journey and how you can move forward. Learn how to gain clarity, discover your passion and realize your potential.”

Stella Scott:  Even with a very targeted niche of opera singers  is well worth reading for anyone building a business with short posts challenging you to think in new ways.  Stella's aim is to help classical singers create an online business so they can sing in peace, without financial worries. Her blog received an honorary mention in the recent blogging contest.


Our other awesome Branded Blogging Competition finishers were:

Courtney Sullivan: Courtney Sullivan's blog offers tips on natural remedies busy moms can use to keep the entire family healthy and real food cooking ideas that help kids love eating the natural foods mom serves. Family wellness solutions made easy.

Kelly Fedio:   Kelly Fedio is the author of  She is a 43-year old happily married mom, who transitioned from attorney to home-based entrepreneur. Kelly empowers aspiring Mompreneurs to dream big about creating their own home-based online business...and then make it happen!   If you have an "In-It-To-Win-It" attitude…Kelly will show you how to build a sustainable online business centered around YOU!

Erin Michelle: Pro Power for Photographers is run by professional photographer Erin Blackwell. Erin teaches photographers how to run profitable, legitimate businesses and keep their clients coming back for more!

Ree Rote: Ree shows women how to design a business around their life by bringing their business online and using proven marketing strategies, so they can build faster and have more time for the people and things they love.

Pat Campbell:  At  you will discover how to attract leads and sales to your business. Within each of you are known and hidden special gifts unique to you. Pat helps you to uncover these and use them to engage your audience to build your business online.

Cindy McCamy:

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Please join me in congratulating these amazing women by sharing your comments below!

Cheering you on to massive success!



  1. As one of the participants of this challenge I would like to say congratulations to all my fellow challengers! WHOOP! As usual, when Natasha issues a challenge it’s to push us “over the edge”. But it’s a good over the edge! Not at all like falling off a cliff, but instead like hang-gliding into new possibilities. Although we are all in different niches, we all have the same ultimate goal. Learning to BRAND ourselves! This challenge helped us all to dive more into and develop content for OUR brand. It was a HOOT!
    Kim Steadman recently posted…Empty Nest Daily HabitsMy Profile

  2. Entering challenges builds confidence and new skills. The really great thing about building confidence in one area is that it spills into the other areas of your business and life.

    I feel very blessed to be part of such a talented group of men and women who make up the Branded community. I am also thankful to be working under the mentorship of Natasha.
    Ree Rote recently posted…You Need A BlogMy Profile

  3. Kudos to all of the fabulous ladies in our awesome Branded community for completing the challenge. What a wonderful opportunity to get some pillar content out there which will hopefully help and inspire others. This is just one of countless perks of being part of the Branded community…challenges like this will get you moving your business forward! Thanks to our wonderful mentor Natasha for pushing us all to be our best!
    Kelly Fedio recently posted…Time versus money: How a Mompreneur can save both by outsourcingMy Profile

  4. To develop an on-line business you always need to be up for a challenge!

    The best thing about a challenge is that you focus not only on production, but on being organized methodical and thorough.

    The best thing about Natasha’s challenges is that she has already provided you with the tools to participate… you just need to jump in!
    What a mentor we have! I appreciate her every day! and I enjoy the camaraderie and support of my team-mates as well – the community has become like family.
    Agnes Knowles recently posted…Can YOU Afford Retirement?My Profile

  5. Congratulations to all of you ladies. Being part of a challenge such as this one (as I have discovered) forces you to take action – and furthermore manage your time that you have available to build your business. It’s been a great opportunity to get a good amount of content in a short time to our visitors and followers. I thank you for this challenge Natasha and look forward to the next.
    mark recently posted…The 7 Destructive Mistakes That Are Catastrophic to Your BusinessMy Profile

  6. If it wasn’t for Branded and this community I wouldn’t have a blog…Natasha is instrumental in helping me, along with my peers here to discover and maximize our potential. These challenges do provide an opportunity to stretch and go…
    We need to get pushed out of the nest sometimes to realize how much there is within us!
    I’ve learned a lot that builds on skills I brought to the table. Thanks Natasha for keeping us moving forward in business.
    Pat Campbell recently posted…How to Save Time and Money in Your BusinessMy Profile

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