My #1 Business Practice and A Business Killer

I’m letting you in on a secret and showing you one of my favorite business practices. And….BONUS….I share a business killer that is all too common.

Direct Sales and A Lesson In Rejection

Direct sales can be an emotional roller coaster. I learned a really cool lesson from a friend who experienced rejection. Listen as I share what we BOTH learned from an unfortunate situation.

Making Decisions, Making Things Happens

We’ve all been the rut that comes with making BIG decisions. I had some major life changing and business transforming business decisions that I made and then ACTED on.

My Leap of Faith



This video contains TWO of my biggest leaps of faith. I detail my journey leading up to these life changing moments, my feelings prior and the incredible results that followed.

Sharing Your Gifts

Sometimes sharing your gifts takes GUTS! I have one client who stepped up BIG time and sky rocketed to success. Tune in to find out more info!