Positivity B.S.

How do I stay positive in a negative world? It isn’t always easy…. or accepted by your audience, but staying positive is a KEY ingredient to success. Watch now and see how I deal with negative people and situations.


Negative Energy, My Manifesto and More


I pack a lot in with this video! I share my manifesto, and provide you with tips and tricks to create your own. I also cover negative people and their energy and what you can do about it! Watch now and let me know your thoughts!


The Point of No Return

Want in on a super-secret business tactic?

You need to burn the bridge if you’re going to succeed. There, I said it and I know you’re thinking I’m a little crazy.

But here’s what you need to know- burn the bridge does not mean you should rush out and dump all your friends.

Instead, I’m talking about making a decision and sticking to it; to make decisions that cannot be changed in the future you gotta burn the bridge! To commit yourself to a course of action you MUST intentionally cut off your own retreat.

I’m feeling a little like a drill sergeant here because I know if you want to give yourself the best possible chance for a decision to stick, your only option is to march forward.


Want to commit yourself to a course of action? Then you need to demolish any alternative course.

Here’s how:
1. State your intention out loud. When you tell other people “this is what I’m going to do” you’re creating a point of no return for yourself.
2. Use your money. Money is a sure-fire way to commit yourself to a plan. Seriously, you must march forward or you’ll be flushing that money right down the toilet.

Calling all you business soldiers! This is the point of no return. Get out there and CRUSH/ BURN/ DEMOLISH those bridges and start achieving your business goals.

The Ripple Effect

Lately, I’ve been hearing from business owners that they aren’t sure of the “why” in their business anymore.

Often, those same business owners started their business with money signs in mind.

Guess what? Being in business is not just about the money, it’s about changing lives.

I’m here today to remind you that you are meant for greatness, and it’s time to step up your game.

Here’s why: there are people relying on you to show up.

Trust me, you would not have been given the gift of helping people, if there weren’t people out there in need of what you are offering.

Today, choose to be the very best version of yourself, so other people can be, too.

You’ve heard of the Ripple Effect – continuing and spreading results of an event or action – every time you level up, that ripple spreads and you impact more lives.

Imagine a business world where the most important “why” is transforming lives and being of service to others.

That ripple effect would have a quantum impact on our world.

So get out there! Show up because there are people waiting for you to get in the game.

Work Life Balance is a Fallacy

You’ve heard the magic words more and more lately… you know, that elusive space we’re all trying to reach:


That perfect spot of having “it” all together: health, wealth, relationships, work, spiritual life.

Guess what?

The concept of work-life balance is BS because it holds up a standard of excellence that is unrealistic!

Ugh! Seriously, who comes up with these buzzwords/ mantras? Work Life Balance just sets us up for feeling full of terrible guilt.

Listen, I’m not saying you can’t have it all… I’m just saying expecting to have time for doing it all perfectly is a total fallacy!

Take this as your pass to let go of your guilt for not measuring up to this unrealistic standard. This is your pass for falling short. And this is your pass for not doing enough.

You are awesome! And you are doing enough, you are enough.

Escape the Work Life Balance buzz and just be YOU in all your unbalanced grandeur.

How do you feel now?