Is Your Business Card Costing You Business?



So you’ve decided to go local? Good! However, going local has its own set of challenges. Meeting people and introducing them to your services can be tough.

You know what the most difficult thing is? Getting somebody to pick up that phone and actually call you. Am I right?

Well, I’m here to tell you that I have a pretty good idea what may be causing this lack of phone calls… it’s your networking style…and one of your networking tools.


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What No One Tells You About Your Business Cards

The truth is, most people just don’t care about their business cards. It’s an after-thought. “I’m selling something- so I’ve gotta grab some business cards.” As a result, people make cards that… let’s just say… totally suck.

I’m here to tell you that business cards DO matter. And they can make or break a potential client’s decision to pick up that phone and call you.

Your business card leaves an impression with your potential client. If your card looks like it was made in MS Word, that impression is that you are either (a) too broke to make a nice card (so business probably is slow for you, which means you’re not good at what you do); or (b) you’re outdated (and therefore your products/services probably are too; or (3) you just don’t care (and if you don’t care about your OWN business, the one that pays the bills…how much could you possibly care about your CLIENTS?!?)

So how can you make a good business card? First, let’s look at what you shouldn’t do.


What Does a Bad Business Card Look Like?

When I say most people have terrible cards, I really mean it.  Cheap paper. Looks like they went to the local office supply store and got the most basic cheap cards available.

One time, somebody actually gave me six different business cards. Six. For all of their various businesses!

If you’re handing out business cards, only hand out ONE. If you have many skills, what’s the number ONE thing people hire you for?

The person who handed me 6 cards gave me the impression that they didn’t have a CLUE what they were doing…that they were confused and not successful at any of their businesses. Not surprisingly their cards went in the trash because I only want to hire experts in their field.

A bad business card will look like it was thrown together in MS Word. I even had a graphic designer who threw me a card that looked extremely… amateur. In fact, I’m pretty sure he threw it together in MS word. What kind of message does that send? He’s a DESIGNER and he couldn’t even design his own card!!! <<smh>>


What You SHOULD Do When Making a Business Card

There are two things you should do. First, make your business card look attractive. Second, it needs to represent who you are.

If you’re an attorney, there’s no need for cutesy graphics.

If you’re making a business card, don’t be afraid to invest in it. Get a high quality professional design. Splurge on the thick paper. Pony up for colored ink.   Make sure that it properly represents you and your business in the BEST possible light.

If you take your time, make some effort and invest in a great card, what message do you think that sends?

That you care. That you’re successful. That you value quality.

To make an attractive card, it needs to be readable, well-made, and to the point. So how do you make a business card like this? You will probably need some outside help. A great start is

Another thing to consider is hiring a professional graphic designer to design a card for you. Spending more money may seem counterproductive, but it will pay itself back in no time. I promise.

Once you have a good card, do not (and I repeat DO NOT) hand them out like candy.

I see people handing out their business cards like there’s no tomorrow. Truth is, this makes them look desperate. Give out your business card when someone ASKS you for it. If they ask for one, chances are, they actually want to contact you.

Here’s to your success!



On The Virtue of Being “SO Busy…”


Being a busy bee is no stranger in the world of entrepreneurship. You have emails to respond to. You have clients to call. You have an entire business to run. It’s tough stuff, I get it!

You may even feel a sense of pride in being too busy to sit down for lunch. Being busy has always been glorified in the business world. It’s almost like it’s a virtue or something….

Busyness = productivity…right?



What if I told you that being busy can actually hinder your personal growth and actually destroying your potential?

For most people…when you say: “how are you doing?”   The response is almost always…

“Oh you know, just BUSY!”

Look, the reality is that you’re busy by default. Default as in…it’s your default state of mind. There’s a saying that “nature abhors a vacuum” and it’s true. By default, you’ll always find something to keep yourself busy, even if it’s not necessary.

I get it, I was the same way.

When my daughter was born I was just trying to survive. So many of my friends say that they’re just trying to survive through the day.  Juggling kids, family obligations, work, volunteer stuff, you name it.

But here’s the thing…when you’re busy, life runs you.

That sucks.

Life isn’t mean to be lived by default.  You shouldn’t just let life HAPPEN to you!

Friend, you’ve got ONE life to live…. and you and I aren’t guaranteed another DAY. I mean, how many people do you know whose lives have been cut tragically short?

They didn’t get to DO everything that they wanted to do. They thought they had more time.

If there’s one thing I’m certain of it’s this…

You are here for a PURPOSE. You are here to something that only YOU can accomplish… Do you know what that is? If not…


Shut up and LISTEN

 You need to make time for yourself. You need to make time to GROW as person… whether it’s personal growth, professional growth or even spiritual growth.

Just letting life HAPPEN to you is not living up to your potential. You need to actively GROW as a person.

To do that, you need to time to reflect and explore who you ARE.

I get it- you’re busy. So am I. But you can take some time before you go to bed. Or wake up early. Or spend a little extra time in the shower (or on the toilet! ha ha ha)

Look, the chatter in your head is telling you to stay busy. It’s distracting you from what you really need to do. It’s distracting you from finding and fulfilling your unique purpose in life.

Don’t let that naughty chatter do that to you! It’s literally destroying your potential.

Make time to grow as a person so you can live in alignment with your purpose. Take time out of your day and listen.

Listen to your inner voice.

There’s no excuse for not being able to find time for yourself.  You’re here for something BIGGER than yourself, so remember that.

And above all… don’t let life happen TO you. You can DO MORE. You can BE MORE. You can HAVE MORE. You can live your life by design.

You’ve got this my friend!






Today’s A Great Day to Piss Someone Off!

blogpost_pisssomoneWhen it comes to your business, do you tend to keep your opinions to yourself?

Are you worried that by being too opinionated, you’ll destroy your brand? Did you know you have a better chance of killing your business by not having an opinion???

Earlier this year I pissed people off because I wasn’t afraid of sharing a business lesson I learned while listening to a sermon I heard at church.

If you’ve hopped over to my About page, you’ll see I clearly state God as a top value of mine. In doing that I piss off a lot of people. But, I’m ok with pissing people off because that value also brings others CLOSER to me because we have a shared value!

You see, I know everyone is NOT my ideal client. The people I piss off will either self-select out or be more interested in what I offer because they are attracted by the polarization of my message.

Check out the video training- it’s a must see… and not just because I single handedly defeat a bee… but it’s filled with juicy tips you can use immediately to target your ideal client with your very OWN polarizing message.



I encourage you to look for opportunities to be polarizing and to find occasions to use what is unique to you!

Happy watching, learning, and pissing people off!

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Here’s To Your Success!


Are You Destroying Your Personal Brand?

blogpost_personalbrandBuilding your personal brand is no easy feat. In fact, building a lasting personal brand takes YEARS of careful crafting. Building your personal brand includes building your reputation, providing a memorable experience and delivering consistent results to your customers/clients. In other words, your personal brand pretty much encompasses everything you do.



I was told as a young attorney that a reputation can take years to build up and only a moment to destroy.

If there’s one piece of advice that I give over and over and over again to my clients it’s this… “Your brand follows you EVERYWHERE”. Your BRAND includes your words and actions.

To give you an example, let’s look at this year’s election.


50/50 Split

It’s a touchy subject, I know…but stick with me! The US was pretty much split 50/50 between the presidential candidates.

Despite knowing this… people have spouted off things like…

“If you support x candidate, unfollow me…because you’re clearly a ****”

That’s just being mild, what she said was way worse. She totally laid into the opposing candidates followers, assuming that every single follower was a <<BLEEP! >>

The sad truth is, this election has brought out the bad in people. And it shows, big time. While I’m 100% okay with others expressing their opinions, it’s completely unnecessary to bring hate and nastiness into it.

Words are powerful. They follow you. They can even destroy what you spent years building up.


Your Actions Have Consequences

In short: I completely changed my view of this colleague that I had done business with in the past. I didn’t care a bit about the candidate she supported…what I cared about was the viciousness that she used to tear down the people who opposed her candidate. Someone with that much hate in their heart was not someone that I could see myself doing business with in the future.

Her brand and personality took a complete 180. All because she decided to bring her nastiness on social media.

Why would I want to work with somebody who openly sends hateful messages? And why would you?

The vote is split 50/50, so there’s a good chance that somebody you know shares a different political opinion. That doesn’t mean that you have to resent them. People hold different opinions. Get over it. Better yet…learn from them.

Moral of this story?


Watch Your Words

If you decide to share an opinion, be sure to leave the nastiness out of it. Why? Because those words will follow you the second you click that ‘send’ button. Those words are a part of your personal brand.

You’ve probably spent YEARS building your personal brand. Don’t let a tweet or post or video destroy it.

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Here’s To Your Success!


How To Accomplish Your Big Goals

blogpost_accomplishgoals Whether you are sitting in your office chair thinking about taking the leap or have already made it, one thing is clear. You think big. As entrepreneurs simply can’t afford to think small. Right?’re thinking about the freedom, being able to stay at home with your family, and making money while you sleep. We all do. But thinking is NOT enough. Here’s why:

So last week, I decided I needed to hit the gym and get toned. I already had lost a ton of weight (55 lbs to be exact), which was challenging. The decision to level up a notch and not just ditch the fat, but actually to get toned wasn’t easy. It requires hard work. So hard that 3 hours later I was so freaking sore that picking up a paper clip sounded like a daunting task.

So how was I able to get myself out of bed and straight to the gym? I made the decision to. I didn’t think about it.

I didn’t spend hours picking out the perfect gym clothes. I decided I needed this change, and that was that. Thinking about it and deciding are VERY different things. In fact, it’s how you can accomplish your big goals.

Deciding Vs. Thinking: The Difference Between Doing and Thinking

When we don’t fully commit to a process, we give ourself the option to fail. This option may not be obvious, but it’s there. Unconsciously, if we don’t fully decide, we are essentially destined to fail. You won’t fail immediately. The process often happens over of a few weeks, maybe a few months.

This is normal. When you don’t fully commit, you leave loops open. Your mind will happily exploit these loops. One of these is the try loop.

“I will try to lose weight.”

“I will try to build 10 pounds of muscle!”

Trying isn’t a full commitment. Read that again. Let it sink in, because it’s important. Trying isn’t how you will accomplish your goals. Deciding is.

To prove this, let’s look at the Latin origin of the word DECIDE. The latin root for word decide is decidere, which means literally ‘to cut off’. When you DECIDE, you cut off every other option. When you try, you leave the option of failing open. You allow yourself the opportunity for BS excuses to SEEP in and sabotage your goals….

How To Decide, Instead of Try
To decide, a full commitment is necessary. When you think of a full commitment, a few excuses might pop into your head.

“I’ll do this, just some time in the future.”
This is a nasty trap to fall into. An undefined date in the future gives room to keep it away from your conscious mind. Set a date. Instead of doing it in the future, do it next Monday. Better yet, start TODAY. Don’t trust that you will follow through ‘sometime’, because you probably WON’T. If you want to achieve your goals, set a date and stick to it.

“I don’t have enough time… money… etc.”
Yes, time and money make decisions easier to make. But that perfect moment will never come. If you’re reasonably prepared, you’re ready to fully commit.

When you decide, things magically come to you. When you put the work in no matter what, opportunities come to you. Resources come to you. Some gurus may tell you to prepare, then make the decision. But they have it backwards. Make the decision, THEN the things you thought you needed before will come to you.

I’m not going to lie, it’s a very strange feeling. It almost feels like luck. But it’s not. Action is rewarded. It’s as simple as that.

Commit To Growth
When you commit, you will still make mistakes. Don’t let this stop you. Those who aren’t committed give up. Those who decide have no other choice but to keep going. They are committed to growing as a person. Commit to growth.

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